Our Training & Development staff offer the following services:

  • Providing high quality educational training programs to employees so they can best utilise the benefits, services, policies, procedures and processes of their organisation.
  • Aligning employees with customer expectations and company standards.
  • Assisting individuals in developing their interpersonal and managerial skills.
  • Improving the quality of work life and job satisfaction for employees.

Our Goals

Our Training & Development division observes and assesses individual, departmental and organisational needs in order to:

  • Orient new employees to the company
  • Assist employees in their personal and professional development and advancement
  • Conceptualise, design and present training programs intended to motivate, challenge, strengthen and enlighten staff and to align professional skills with organisational needs
  • Enhance customer service
  • Enhance intra and inter department teamwork
  • Enhance workforce/organisational flexibility / versatility
  • Improve key interpersonal skills including communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Improve quality and quantity of productivity
  • Increase employee commitment, encourage favourable attitudes, loyalty and cooperation
  • Remove performance deficiencies
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Meet regulatory and legal requirements
  • Promote and support change and assist individuals and departments as they adapt to change
  • Reduce human resource complaints and litigation
  • Reduce workplace stress and burn-out
  • Support the company‚Äôs mission and strategy


Leadership Front Line Supervisor Training Performance Management Industrial Relations Health & Safety Transport & Driver Training
Management Development Employee Orientation & Induction Objective Setting Negotiating Skills Safety Statement& Risk Assessment Training Secure Load Training
Individual Mentoring Communications Giving & Receiving Feedback Conducting Performance Appraisals Dispute Resolution awareness training Manual Handling Training CPC Modules
Assertiveness Skills Train the Trainer Preparing submissions for third party referrals Working from Heights Training Customised Programmes
Time Management Skills Disciplinary Meetings Industrial Relations legislation Display Screen Equipment Assessments
Employment Law Dismissals
Conflict Management
Interviewing Skills
Team Skills
Presentation Skills